We like to keep things natural, carefree & unforced.

You could say we capture wedding's in a documentary style with a little bit of guidance when needed.

"Crafting stories from feelings."

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"**********x10 That is what I rate Elisha and Woodlands Creative! Elisha is a star herself not just in her absolutely amazing and incredible photography skills (which are just mind blowing) but as a person to! She's kind and funny and just an absolute gem. Elisha was wonderful to work with. I can't stress enough that I not not think that I am photogenic but Elisha made me feel the complete opposite! I felt so beautiful and so taken care of in her more than capable hands. I am blown away by the images she captured for us on our wedding day. I don't know how someone has the talent to capture the feeling and essence of a day so well that it's a joy that brings happy tears to my eyes to view each photo over and over again, but that's what Elisha did. You can feel the love captured in every photograph and you just know Elisha loves what she does, her excitement is perfect and I just LOVED receiving sneak peak photos so soon after our big day! I will forever treasure the gift of these photos that Elisha has given us, thank you Elisha and Woodlands Creative!! "

- Danielle & Leigan


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